madonnasfault: Who has been your favorite person to dress?Each…


Who has been your favorite person to dress?

Each time the story is personal, so each time for me it is good. But with Madonna it was different, because we were exactly the same. It was truly incredible. She was a little like the girl I was inspired by when I started, at the same time masculine and feminine, always fighting like that, but in a soft way, and nice way, and charming way. It was a fabulous experience.

In the ‘80s, she was at that time buying her own clothes. Now they don’t do that anymore. So she had two of my dresses in ‘85 for the Desperately Seeking Susan premiere, one for the afternoon and one for the evening, the dress with the suspenders. One time she had done a copy of mine, in black satin with pom-poms. I saw her and I didn’t say, “Don’t copy my dress,” but I said, “If you want it, I can do it for you.”

There was only one look I created for her that she didn’t take. It was inspired by And God Created Woman, that scene where Bridget Bardot is on the beach, very wet, very sexy in a shirt dress. From that I was thinking Madonna, but like a virgin, the real Virgin Mary with a veil, in the shower. She loved the idea, but they said be careful. The contract with Pepsi-Cola was almost canceled because she did the video and it would have been too much.