madonna: “What happened in Vegas is an unspeakable tragedy….


“What happened in Vegas is an unspeakable tragedy. ?And these acts of seemingly Random violence are happening With more and more frequency. And the chaos pain and suffering in the world is increasing exponentially. And YES its too easy to buy a GUN in The U.S. or have access to automatic weapons. And this needs to stop!! But the only way we are really going to change the trajectory that the world seems to be heading for is to change our consciousness! ? Each and everyone of us……..,,,,, …..,,,.
Let Us Pray for Vegas. And all of the Victims and everyones loss but we also need to Pray for Peace in the World. Personally and Globally. ???. Lets Pray for the strength to maintain a higher level of consciousness. ☮️. Let’s Pray that we find a way back to our humanity. Let’s pray that we do not forget to treat all living creatures with compassion dignity and respect. ?? and Let’s Pray for Vegas.” -Madonna