NEW YORK, JULY 11, 1985 – Skin magazines are lining up to…

NEW YORK, JULY 11, 1985 – Skin magazines are lining up to be the first with photos of a nude Madonna, all claiming to have the best – or highest-priced – of the bare lot.

In an effort to outdo each other, men’s magazine rivals Penthouse and Playboy Wednesday each released at least some copies of their September issues featuring the sultry songstress in the buff. The Penthouse-Playboy furor seems to center on who had the best nude pictures of Madonna, and which publication got to the newsstands first. Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione said he was offered the pictures Playboy published in its 14-page layout and turned them down. 

 Playboy’s photos were taken by photographers Lee Friedlander and Martin Schreiber when Madonna was working as a nude model in New York in 1979 and 1980. But Guccione said ‘I don’t think their stuff is aesthetically very good. She has bushy underarm hair and she’s not very well groomed in them.’ 

Guccione published a 17-page layout with 19 nude pictures of the rock star taken by photographer Bill Stone in late 1978. 

The fully explicit pictures, ‘classic nudes’ inspired by Matisse and Rodin, were displayed in a one-man exhibition in the Stieglitz Gallery Manhattan in January, 1979, but have never been published in a magazine, Stone said. 

The photographer said Madonna answered his advertisement in the Village Voice for figure models and posed for the photos for ‘a couple of hours.’ The rock star, born Madonna Ciccione, was paid $40 or $50, signing the release ‘just Madonna,’ he said.